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Can I include Taqyeem Plugin in my theme?

First we would like to thank you for choosing Taqyeem Plugin.

You can include Taqyeem Plugin in your awesome theme and make your customers even happier and increase your sales .

Licensing terms

  1. You need to purchase an extended license for each theme that includes Taqyeem.
  2. You cannot redistribute the item “as-is”, even if you modify it or you make a derivative version for another platform.
  3. Please study the full license information. Extended license and Licensing FAQs.

Usage terms

  1. You can’t include the plugin separately from your theme in the download package, you have to use the TGM Plugin Activation class, See the Bundling section below for more information.
  2. You cannot provide an Item Purchase Code for your customers.
  3. Updating the plugin is your own responsibility.
  4. You need to handle Taqyeem related support requests for your customers.
  5. You need to credit Taqyeem in your item’s description page.
  6. You need to Use our preferred settings for TGM plugin installation.
  7. You cannot remove ( or make any changes on ) Tielabs logo, Name, our profile URL, Site URLs, or the Addons section form the plugin Backend.

Please note, we only allow to bundle Taqyeem in WordPress themes, which will be sold on ThemeForest explicitly.

Bundling in theme

As of 9th September 2013, Envato requires authors to load bundled WordPress plugins in themes with the TGM Plugin Activation class. This helps authors to include 3rd party components easily and handle their dependencies and updates automatically.

Setting up TGM Plugin Activation class

Download the latest version of TGM Plugin Activation class from their website. Follow their guides and examples to incorporate it into your theme properly.

Example TGM plugin configuration

Below you can see an example configuration for Taqyeem. Remember, we are requiring you to set the force_deactivation option to true in accord our licensing and usage terms.

            'name'               => 'Taqyeem',
            'slug'               => 'taqyeem',
            'source'             => get_template_directory_uri() . '/plugins/taqyeem.zip',
            'required'           => false,
            'version'            => '',
            'force_activation'   => false,
            'force_deactivation' => true,
NOTE: If you already including Taqyeem v1.0 in your theme and want to upgrade to v2.0 you will need to follow the above conditions too.

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